Technical SEO Management

The first step to improving your SEO rankings is to ensure that your site is optimized from a technical perspective. There are a multitude of different aspects to pay attention to. We go through each one and address problems with your team: from canonical tags, indexing strategy to redirection strategies, we will review every aspect of your technical setup to maximize its SEO potential.

This can be done regardless of the technology in use: our technical team has a wide breadth of experience when it comes to programming languages, server architectures and e-commerce platforms.

Having the technical foundation in place is a prerequisite to ensure that content efforts are not wasted.

SEO Testing Tool

Once the initial technical review has been conducted, we can work with your team to ensure that any future code releases are going through SEO quality assurance standards. We have built various tools to this end: your code releases will therefore go through a battery of SEO tests to ensure that no costly mistakes are made when releasing new code to production.

testing tool

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