SEO Strategy & Reporting

Like any other channel, managing SEO requires a clearly defined strategy. One of the first steps we take when working for a new SEO client is to audit the existing situation to know where we stand from a technical and content point of view. Our audit includes hundreds of elements that we assess in order to make recommendations.

The aim of the audit is to generate a list of items which we divide in Top, Medium and Lower priorities to get tackled. This becomes the basis for our strategy going forward and we ensure that the execution of this strategy is prioritized by tackling the “low hanging fruit” first.


In parallel to this audit, we setup in-depth reporting up to monitor things like:

• Visibility index changes
• Ranking of the main keywords for brand and non-brand term
• Ranking by device



We will setup alert mechanisms around all of these metrics to allow us to have the “finger on the pulse” as SEO movements can happen abruptly. This reporting is built in Google data studio and takes source data from a variety of tools (Google Search Console, Sistrix, Ahrefs, SEMRush…).

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