SEO Content Management

Once the technical SEO aspects have been addressed and the foundations have been set, we can shift our focus to content strategies. Every client has different needs at this stage and we can either limit our involvement to defining a content strategy if you have content resources in-house or provide content services ourselves.

Keyword research and strategy definition

To maximize the impact of your content generation efforts, we start with some content research to help figure out which terms to focus on. In order to figure these terms out, we will analyze:

• How well you rank a number of relevant terms
• What the search query volume for this term is
• How competitive the term is

The aim is to find keywords that are worth focusing on because there is enough search volume to be worth it and there is a reasonable change to rank well enough to get a share of this traffic.

We will also as part of this research focus on competitor terms to better understand where your competition gets traffic from and if there is anything we can learn from there.

Content planning and generation

Once the keyword research has been completed, we can help put together a content calendar to ensure that you have relevant and fresh content, on topics that matter, issued on an ongoing basis. We can also provide copy-writing resources if this is something you don’t have available in-house.


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