Despite the SEO real estate getting increasingly reduced at the expense of paid media, organic results remain a very important source of traffic and revenue for most advertisers and should therefore not be neglected – especially since it’s free traffic.

The SEO landscape is constantly changing, so it is important to have a team of experts at your service to navigate this evolving landscape. Every client needs are different when it comes to SEO, so whether you need full, ongoing SEO service management or something more project-based, we can customize our level of service to
your requirements.

We follow a 3-step approach to managing SEO:

  • SEO Strategy & Reporting

    Audit your existing SEO setup and setup reporting mechanisms / alerts


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  • Technical SEO Management

    Work on the technical SEO foundations

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  • SEO Content Management

    Focus on content strategy and development


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Our Team

Our SEO team comprises of a number of seasoned experts, be it on the technical or content side. Having worked on over hundreds of websites, including a large number of household names, our team knows what it takes to get results in any market without resorting to “black hat” tactics. We also understand that working on SEO projects requires collaboration from a number of departments (Marketing, IT…).

We therefore use a simple project management tool (Basecamp) to communicate on a day to day and ensure that we work in sync with the various clients’ stakeholders. Having the right strategy is only half the battle; executing it well is equally as important and where many SEO projects fail.

Technology Ambivalent

We are not tied to any specific tools or software for SEO management. We can work with any kind of website on any kind of server and we have a number of industry-leading tools on our roster.


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