Algorithmic attribution software & consulting

ESV Digital originally started as a SaaS company developing a paid search management platform. We still have a team of developers in-house who are specialists when it comes to tracking pixels, modeling, and big data architecture.

Therefore, we have developed a data-driven attribution model based on our proprietary tracking information. Our unbiased algorithmic attribution model takes the guesswork out of how your marketing mix is working and gives our biddable media team the information they need to optimize your paid search campaigns beyond last click modelling.

Wizaly is offered as a standalone software but the data analysts at ESV Digital can also provide additional consulting services for clients who haven’t got the bandwidth or expertise to do it in-house.


Attribution Consulting

A number of our clients who use our algorithmic attribution software turn to us to make sense of the data being collected or deep dive into a specific topic. Attribution analysis is a complex topic and generates a huge amount of data which can be challenging to make sense of.

Here are a couple of questions that our team has helped
address as part of our consulting assignments:

• What is the real performance of my display campaigns?

• Do my affiliates really add value or are they cannibalizing my margin?

• What is the real view-through impact of my display campaigns?

• What is the retargeting vs prospecting ratio of my display campaigns?

• What would the optimal budget planning for next year look like?


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