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Who isESV Digital?

ESV Digital was founded in 2004 and started off as a software development company, building a platform to allow clients to manage their paid search campaigns more efficiently. Over the years, we added account management experts to be able to offer a fully integrated service. Today, we remain true to our software development roots and
continue to build our own tools to manage and monitor digital marketing campaigns. We excel in 2 areas in particular: paid search management and multichannel attribution analysis.

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Why are we differentfrom other agencies managing paid search?

ESV Digital has 3 main differentiators:

• An in-house technology which is continuously developed by its own R&D team

• A team of account managers who are Google and Bing certified and experts in data analytics

• Close and long standing ties with search engines to be able to offer Beta-tests on new ad formats, get access to market data and advise on the most suitable ad formats for our clients.

Our MultichannelAttribution Service

ESV Digital’s multichannel attribution service is the combination of 3 elements:

• An algorithm to calculate the true performance of your various channels

• A decision making tool to provide actionable insights and improve your ROI

• Consulting services available on demand to assist with the decision making

Are you still using the last click model to attribute
conversions to your channels or struggling to measure the view-through impact of your display campaigns? Our
solution will help!

Our Clients:

Interested in a free audit? Complete the form and we will call you back.