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PPC Management For Today

Part 1 Of A Series

As promised, we’re starting our series of articles about advertisers can adapt their accounts to the new PPC platform landscape. We’re looking at structure, campaign types, bidding types, ad types and ad extensions. Many of these are available on Google Ads and Bing, although Bing has currently far less to offer in the way of auto-bidding strategies.

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The Death of Keywords

A Keywordless Future?

Keywords and their management have historically been a central plank of managing Search Advertising campaigns for all search engines. But all the evidence suggests that this is changing, slowly but surely. It is at the point now where, if you haven’t begun to act, you may already be behind the curve.

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Your New SEM Strategy

Localized digital marketing is an important part of SEM – it requires a solid knowledge of one’s target audience, of search engine marketing, and of the digital landscape.

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