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Case Study

From Bricks to Clicks

A global toy retailer increases ROI while decreasing CPC by 30% with ESV Digital.


Toys R Us operates in over 1500 stores globally, and is also a large e-retailer with online stores available in 12 countries. Toys R Us partnered up with ESV Digital in France to be in charge of their Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns in the local market. With massive product range from best seller toys to baby care products, visibility of Toys R Us in paid search is challenged by very high competition.

Toys R Us wanted to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) and minimize Cost per Click (CPC) while exposing their product range to potential clients through Google and Bing.


ESV has years of experience working with online retailers, and we didn’t hesitate to suggest Product Feed solution on Google and Bing to Toys R Us in order to maximize visibility and ROI. We started by testing most of the product categories, which helped us to identify which keywords generate most traffic with minimum CPC.

After the test period we learned that focusing on best seller products and known brands generated most traffic. However, good keywords are also often expensive, and the CPC increased higher. Focusing on specific keywords, we were able to minimize CPC while increasing the ROI and resulting high traffic rate.

With Product Feed we were able to promote only products that are actually available on stock, increasing the probability of conversion.


Improvements in KPIs:

- CPC decreased by 30%
- Significant increase in conversion rate and sales increased by 879%
- Today, the ROI on the Product Feed campaigns is twice as high as our original objective.

"“Product Feed is the perfect solution for us. After partnering up with ESV, we have been able to reach the audience looking for products available in our selection with relatively low CPC and high ROI.”

Fanny James, Traffic & Acquisition Manager "

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