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Offline Conversions Case Study

Multichannel attribution is used to re-evaluate MDHearingAid's online and offline SEM revenue through the use of call center data.


MDHearingAid, one of the leaders on the B2C hearing aid market in North America, has used ESV Digital’s multichannel attribution solution since 2016. A significant portion of their transactions occur offline via call centers, and the company worked with ESV Digital to integrate this call center data into the multichannel attribution tool and identify to what extent online channels generated offline sales.


Channel-specific phone numbers were implemented to track users who came to the site via paid search ads. Through an API access, ESV Digital integrated the daily call center revenue in the multichannel attribution database.

Using that information, ESV Digital was able to enhance the multichannel attribution platform data to include offline conversions generated by online activity. These additions provided a more complete picture of overall channel performance.


SEM, for example, already represented a significant portion of MDHearingAid’s revenue, as 13% of all revenue (online + offline) originated from this traffic source. By adding call center revenue resulting from SEM visits to this total, the share represented by SEM in this revenue total rose to 16%.

More importantly, the ROI from SEM traffic was re-evaluated from 5.5 when not taking offline conversions into account to 6.5 once call center transactions were added to the total. The SEM bidding rules and strategy were therefore adjusted, allowing the client to receive additional sales volume at a profitable ROI

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