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PPC Results which are music to one's ears

An affordable hearing aid manufacturer lifts sales by 70% within 6 weeks by partnering with ESV Digital.


Before partnering with ESV Digital, MDHearingAid was managing paid search internally with one person who was also focusing on other digital areas in the business. Driven by an uptake in digital activity, the paid search campaigns quickly became too big to handle in house, and MDHearingAid was in need of an agency to manage it.


ESV Digital restructured the account by compiling a list of best-performing keywords, bucketing those keywords into themes and creating campaigns from scratch based on their performance. We developed the campaigns to be a lot more granular and expanded the keyword base significantly. We wrote the ads to customize them to each adgroup for maximum relevancy, adding three new ads per adgroup for ad testing, and all possible ad extensions (sitelinks, callout extensions, review extensions, and structured snippet extensions) were added.

After the initial restructure, ongoing optimizations included implementing bid automation via our proprietary platform, adding negative keywords, A/B testing ads and landing pages and finally applying day parting and device bid multipliers.


ESV Digital managed to lift MDHearingAid’s paid search revenue by 70% in just 6 weeks while increasing ROI from 2.4 to 5.1. In the long run, this contributed to growing MDHearingAid’s overall digital sales by 44% since partnering with ESV Digital.

“Before partnering with ESV Digital our internal team did a great job of managing our paid search launch, but it reached a size that required a new level of sophistication. Now that we have been working with them for a year, our expectations have been exceeded in terms of the attention dedicated to the account, the resources made available, and the results that were achieved. We also appreciate the fact that ESV Digital has provided help in managing 3rd party vendors on our behalf, defining the strategy with them and reporting on results without intimate involvement from our internal team. We may be smaller than many of ESV Digital's other clients, but we receive an equivalent level of attention and dedication.”
Jason McKinney, Director of Marketing, MDHearingAid.com

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