Our areas of expertise

Media buying

By developing our own software to manage paid search back in 2004, and then by adding account managers to create a full service offering, we have become pioneers in paid search, shopping, and GDN management. Since then, we have evolved to offer much more, including running successful RTB, performance display, native ads, and social ad campaigns. We have experts in every one of these fields to help our clients make the most of their online paid traffic and have a strong ROI-driven approach.

Our account managers are pay per click experts using best practice methodologies which are constantly being refined for each channel or platform. Moreover, if you opt for our algorithmic Multichannel Attribution platform, then you will not only have highly successful biddable media campaigns but they will be algorithmically optimized to the wider user journey across devices which will put you at the forefront of today’s digital marketing best practices.


Our Customer Service Approach

ESV Digital’s clients benefit from a minimum of 2 assigned account managers per account, dedicated project managers if applicable, and regular support from our senior, hands-on management team. We have developed comprehensive account management processes, provide extensive client-centric reporting, offer a high degree of agency transparency, and provide regular business reviews.

Our main goal is to proactively increase your ROI. We achieve this by immersing ourselves in your business and relentlessly optimizing your campaigns. Our team of Google Adwords & Bing Ads certified account managers have up-to-date industry knowledge and experience in a wide range of industry verticals.

Our expertise


Paid search is our historic expertise, our bread and butter. We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by having a combination of experts and our own in-house developed technology as opposed to a third party tool.

Our best in class platform (sometimes used by clients as a stand alone subscription) with its proprietary technology and tracking (EasyTrack) allows us to automate many aspects of campaign optimization and deployment and customize it to each customer’s priorities.

We combine this technology with a proven in-house methodology which we stick to religiously, applying it to any industry including retail, finance, travel, lead generation, and more. We work with your marketing team as an extension of your business and we have complete transparency of data and reporting – nothing is held back from clients.

In addition, we have beta tester status with Google and Bing, allowing our clients to access advertising formats and features in the testing phase. All our account managers are Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified, some of whom are regularly invited to write as thought leaders in the specialized press.


Our expertise and methodology enables us improve ROI by 20 to 50%

Product Feed Campaigns

Our product feed is a proven flexible solution applicable across many industry verticals such as comparison shopping, finance, airlines, holiday providers and obviously for retailers. At ESV Digital we understand how much work can go into creating long tail campaigns across search engines, keywords, and ads for search, so we created our own in-house product feed solution to automate text ads campaigns based on our clients’ inventory to go far beyond human workflow limitations. ESV Digital’s product feed campaigns allow you to have your own inventory specific messaging, such as the Price or Product title in Ads (benefit is higher CTR/Quality Score), which can be used to generate new keywords and also to activate /pause ads based on stock status.


Google Shopping & Bing Shopping

At ESV Digital we understand how complicated managing search can be, so when Google and Bing invented their shopping products we further developed our own technology. This allows our clients to have granularly structured campaigns that overcome search engine limitations, reprocess feeds, and mass update bids, as well as automate campaign creation across search engines and markets if necessary.


Performance display / RTB

ESV Digital provides clients with any type of performance display management from branding, visibility, and prospecting campaigns to retargeting and analytics. We also cover the entire spectrum of programmatic display bidding, including mobile and video formats. We work with DSPs and even directly with publishers, and regularly run native ads campaigns on behalf of our clients. Targeted media plans can be provided based on demographic, geographic, or behavioral needs and we work with you go get the best conversion rates. Our Multichannel Attribution platform provides clients with display ad viewability measurement (ensuring you know when charged ads are actually seen) and post view tracking (to optimize campaigns based on the fractional value in the wider user journey).


Paid Social

We are experts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest advertising. As a performance driven agency our primary goal is ROI or measurable results so we manage Paid Social by applying our data driven approaches, and constantly refining smart methodologies for each social network. In our view, what sets Paid Social apart is the ability to use a vast array of targeting options (geo, demographic, interest, device) that can be leveraged to reach your audiences in the scale aligned with the growing number of Paid Social users. Alongside an ever growing number of ad formats and types, Paid Social can provide marketers true value for both acquisition and retention campaigns.


Native Advertising

Native advertising networks are relatively new formats for online marketers and are a mixture between content marketing and biddable media. By applying our expertise in wider biddable media, content marketing, use of our Multichannel Attribution platform, and data driven native ads experts, we have the ability to help our clients master this channel. We are API partners through our Paid Search platform with Yahoo Gemini and also work with the likes of Outbrain, Ligatus, and Taboola to name just a few.


Our clients