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ESV Digital and Quantcast Partnership
Integrating “Split Funnel”

ESV Digital and Quantcast have partnered to bring Split Funnel Insights to ESV Digital’s algorithmic attribution software.


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Memorial Day Review
Search Never Takes a Day Off

Everyone loves Memorial Day Weekend — but unlike us, advancements in digital marketing never take a day off.



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How Was Mother’s Day?
Review Holiday Performance

Was Mother’s day a gift for your business?

Since Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday in the U.S., with consumers spending more than they do on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and others, if you feel like you missed out on some revenue, here’s how you might want to diagnose why.

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Everyone Could Be Ironman
Voice Search And Advertising

Who wouldn’t want Jarvis – the complete AI-based assistant Tony Stark (Ironman) uses in his home, lab and metal suit – to help them as they go about their business?

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Algorithmic Attribution
A Friend You Need

Measuring and optimizing the performance of their investments is the goal of every marketer. To do this, a new concept has emerged: algorithmic attribution.


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Fraud: The Hidden Face of Digital Advertising

After drugs, fraud in digital advertising is one of the most lucrative illegal activities in the world.

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Digital March Madness
Brand Safety Explained

March Madness is here, but that doesn’t mean just basketball.

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Are You Missing SEM Traffic?
AdWords Tools for Success

Today there are over 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day and around another 2 billion on Bing.

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A Year In Review
Looking Back At 2016

As we begin making our way into 2017, it’s important to reflect on the year we’ve put behind us.

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Experiment or bust?
Do you really need a test?

A PPC account that is running pretty well can always do better. But why rock the boat? What else is there to do other than optimize what you’ve got?

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