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Data Analytics

Decisions in today’s world are no longer solely based on intuition. Virtually everything on the Internet is trackable, and you can powerfully leverage this fact to grow your business. Managing and testing digital campaigns is as scientific as marketing is ever going to get – however, making sense of the huge amounts of data collected and making the right budget allocation decisions can be daunting, especially when multiple paid traffic sources are at play. Taking reports from different sources/departments/individuals involved in all your marketing channels, who have biases and potentially incompatible or inconsistent measuring paradigms is difficult to absorb and makes it too easy to be either paralyzed or to make the wrong decisions. ESV Digital uses its very own proprietary algorithmic software in combination with our expert teams who will work in close consultation with you and your team to optimize your business’ online marketing strategy.

Our expertise

Algorithmic Multi-channel attribution software – ESV Analytics

Improve your digital ROI

Our cutting edge in-house algorithmic multi-channel attribution software, called ESV Analytics, goes far further than the last click, first click, and even distributed models. This avoids the latter’s inherent limitations and bias. ESV Analytics attributes conversions and revenue by taking all of your website’s touch points and engagement data, calls to your business, offline marketing and offline sales into account across devices. Even view-through impact can be measured with the tool, thus giving you more precise insights into the efficiency of your display campaigns. Cross-device analysis and reconciliation of online – offline paths can be done in certain cases.

Multi-channel attribution analysis

In addition to our ESV Analytics tool, we offer optional expert, detailed consulting. We will assess the performance of your various channels, suggest improvements in how to spend your digital marketing budget, measure the impact of offline advertising to online traffic, and segment your user base to focus on the most profitable clients. We are able to offer this consulting service whether the ESV Analytics tool is in use or you use third party tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, Adobe Analytics etc.).

Media Audit

We are experts with over 10 years of experience running PPC campaigns, RTB, and Social Ads. We regularly audit our clients’ or future clients’ strategy, not just in these fields but also organic, offline and customer experience assessments. Our dedicated data analysts have operational experience and can make detailed recommendations to improve the ROI of your various campaigns.

Our data analysts accompany you during all the stages of your Analytics project

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