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At ESV Digital Consulting, we help our clients realize their top digital potential by developing a digital strategy, transforming an organization, performing a due diligence, or assessing a portfolio of companies.

We combine strategic consultants with in-house digital experts to provide a full suite of digital services to our clients. Our pragmatic, data-driven approach sets us apart, as well as our focus on coaching executives and teams to build their digital expertise. Our main goal is to enable our clients’ success long after our consulting engagement ends.

Our global team represents five nationalities from three continents with backgrounds from top business schools and strategic consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co, Bain, Accenture and Kurt Salmon. Our service offerings include: Digital Strategy, Digital Due Diligence and Portfolio Assessment, Digital Transformation, Coaching and Training, and Digital Project Management.

Our expertise

Digital Strategy

Digital is revolutionizing consumer behavior, redefining the value chain across industries, and enabling organizations to become more customer centric. Many organizations have started to address how digital can be introduced into their businesses, but the majority have not yet defined and implemented a robust digital strategy.

We work alongside our clients to build customer centric digital strategies that increase revenues and market share. These strategies permit us to create data-driven personas and a personalized customer experience.

Digital is revolutionizing consumer behavior

Digital due diligence & portfolio assessment

Historically, the objective of due diligence has been to evaluate the risks related to a company acquisition or divesture, most commonly focused on financial, operational and legal aspects. Today, it has become essential to also evaluate the digital assets of a company, and the risks, costs and benefits to integrate a digital presence, its infrastructure and its related data.

We work with private equity firms to perform due diligence and assess current and potential digital maturity and value of portfolio assets. We also work with investment funds to perform portfolio reviews, giving insight into overall digital performance and defining the key performance indicators to measure digital growth.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a process that impacts many aspects of a company’s business, including marketing, product development, IT, customer service, and more. It refers to the collective changes in organization, technology and operations that allow a business to become more customer centric and agile, leveraging digital.

We help our clients get the most from their digital investments by becoming more responsive to customer needs. We align teams with defined digital priorities and execute within a clear prioritized roadmap.

Coaching and Training

As individual consumers, we are typically mature in our understanding of how to use digital channels to buy products and services. We know what is convenient, easy to use and reliable. For businesses, understanding how to best deliver this experience to customers and other businesses is much more challenging.

Building a digital culture requires process and technology changes, but the new organization must also be innovative, skilled in digital topics, and have a mechanism for constant learning. We coach executives in their strategic vision, and we train teams so that they are ready to meet the digital and managerial challenges required to sustain their business growth.

Digital Project Management

Digital projects are a critical component to successfully implementing digital strategy and transformation. The levers of digital growth are complex and evolve rapidly. One must be able to prioritize, manage and adapt their digital projects within a constantly changing environment.

We manage digital projects and portfolios across a variety of digital subjects, such as launching e-commerce platforms, redesigning websites, defining customer strategy (CRM), defining data strategy most notably for data management platforms (DMPs) and developing client acquisition strategies.

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