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Memorial Day Review
Search Never Takes a Day Off

Everyone loves Memorial Day Weekend — but unlike us, advancements in digital marketing never take a day off.



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Fraud: The Hidden Face of Digital Advertising

After drugs, fraud in digital advertising is one of the most lucrative illegal activities in the world.

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A Year In Review
Looking Back At 2016

As we begin making our way into 2017, it’s important to reflect on the year we’ve put behind us.

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Overseas PPC 101:
International PPC Management

If your business has an international footprint, it makes sense to market internationally. Implementing online marketing is, due to its nature, logistically easy to do from a computer at a desk here in the US, but this will only work if the strategy and tactics match each market. There are many elements to consider than you might think – it’s not just as easy as translating your US ad campaigns and expecting great results.

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Why 3rd Party Tracking
(Like Ours) Is a Good Idea

Tracking web data, such as clicks and conversions, is important to the success of any company with a digital presence. It’s most common for agencies and advertisers to choose just to use Google’s own conversion tracking to determine how their PPC efforts are performing. However, this option (particularly when not also using Bing and Yahoo tracking) is limited in effectiveness and is less flexible than you might realize..

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ESV Digital Platform Update
SEM v6.10

We are proud to announce the release of the SEM platform v6.10! In short, this update offers Bing Shopping campaign support, Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign support, and granular SEM radius targeting.

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A Year in Review
Looking Back At 2015

As we begin 2016, we’re going to look back at the progress we’ve made as a data-driven digital marketing agency in 2015.

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ESV Digital Joins
Yahoo Preferred Partner Prog

ESV Digital has joined the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program! The Yahoo Preferred Partner Program is a growing community of innovative advertising technology and service companies committed to delivering a higher standard of technology integration and client services to digital.

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